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Advertising Terms & Conditions
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The Agreement below sets forth the entire agreement of the parties regarding advertising in and supersedes any and all prior agreements or understandings, whether written or oral, with respect thereto. In the case of conflict the terms of this Agreement shall control.

14 days (10 working days) prior notice is required in order to cancel advertising orders. In the case of order (total or part) cancellation by the advertiser some additional short-rate charges may be due and payable.  When the advertiser does not provide with the ad formats required for the agreed order, creative development rates will be applied.

Volume Discounts can provide the advertiser with a cpm based on the impression levels allowed/agreed upon only following receipt of a signed insertion order or letter of intent committing to a certain amount to be paid by the advertiser in the subsequent twelve (12) months.  If this commitment is not fulfilled, short-rates will be applied.

Production Fees
All production fees are non-refundable upon signing of the insertion order and will be billed prior to the launch of the advertising campaign.

Makegoods will be provided by extending the order beyond the contracted flight period until the agreed time period and/or guaranteed impressions are delivered. The Advertiser will be given the option to determine when the makegood will run in the contract year.

Third Party Ad-Serving and Reporting accepts advertising served by third parties, however, guarantee fulfilment will be governed by OAS ad serving tracking records and not those of the third party ad server or reporting software.

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EatCrete is a Cretan gastronomic e-shop/portal dedicated to promoting the best Crete has to offer mainly to European, Russian and U.S. markets.  Only high quality gourmet goods are offered through our site and quality services dealing mostly with agritourism and gastronomic tourism on the island.  New products and services are added only if they meet our strict selection criteria and high standards while the site is constantly updated with relevant quality content therefore achieving high traffic and loyalty among its visitors.

We offer businesses, aiming their products and services mainly to markets abroad (for example hotels, restaurants, etc.), a wide variety of different shape and size banners strategically placed within the site, bringing maximum exposure at a very reasonable price.

If you are interested in advertising in, kindly email us at: writing Advertising enquiry in the subject field and including your contact information, some details about your business and your advertising needs.  We will get back to you ASAP.

We value your business and thank you for your interest.

The EatCrete team

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EatCrete - Gourmet Tradition: Artisan sweet & savory biscuits and rusks baked by hand in beautiful Crete plus wild mountain herbs & thyme honey. 

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