About us
Who we are

EatCrete.com was founded and is run by Philip Exadactylos and a team of people sharing a common love, passion, vision and similar ideas about Crete, its people, its famous, delicious and healthy cuisine, its traditions and its products.  We are very much into high quality gourmet delicacies, pure organic produce, alternative forms of environmentally friendly and traditional activities and maintaining local traditions.  Philip remains the exclusive owner of the brand EatCrete.


Our mission

We have traveled and keep traveling extensively throughout Crete, in order to discover and bring to you the best this beautiful island has to offer.  We seek great tasting, authentic products of exceptionally high quality that are not easily available to everybody and are not found in typical tourist shops or Greek and foreign super markets.

Furthermore, we provide you with a lot of what we consider to be honest and useful information about Crete and its cuisine.  Even though we are not a travel site or guide, we believe that visitors will find lots of information in our site that will be of use to them during their visit as well as when they return home.

Our philosophy and vision

Our philosophy is quite simple: Superior quality, authentic products and services at the best possible value accompanied by premium service.  We love Crete, we love what we do and we value our customers.

Our vision is to become and be recognised as the leading online supplier for Cretan gourmet, traditional and organic products and agri/gastronomical services related to Crete.  We want EatCrete.com to be synonymous with quality, authenticity, originality and service.

In order to achieve our vision we have 4 ground rules we never break:

1. All our products are made on the island of Crete using old, traditional recipes.  No “Cretan style” here.

2. We only work with suppliers we know and trust.

3. We value your opinion and want your suggestions and feedback on everything we do, from our products to our site.

4. We value the quality of service we provide as much as the quality of the products we sell.

Get in touch

We’d love to hear form you and we welcome your comments.  Please feel free to contact us at: info@eatcrete.com or at +30 6950503922.



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EatCrete - Gourmet Tradition: Artisan sweet & savory biscuits and rusks baked by hand in beautiful Crete plus wild mountain herbs & thyme honey. 

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