E-shop orders: Shipping information

We try to ship all over the world (with very few exceptions) but cannot be held liable for any customs or duties that you may have to pay in your country or for any individual country laws prohibiting the import of certain goods. 

We normally ship the ordered goods via First Class Priority Parcel Post (a service of the Greek post office  ELTA).  

You may however request an alternative shipping method of your choice if you wish.  To do so please do not complete your order via the website’s e-shop (because it will automatically calculate and add Parcel Post’s shipping charges) but rather email us (by clicking here) your preferred shipping method and order and we will then proceed to invoice you via PayPal.

Special requirements by some countries

CANADA: Alcohol consignments must travel under airfreight to the province of destination. For these shipments, kindly contact us.

USA: FDA usually allows 2 bottles of alcohol as maximum quantity, if sent as a personal shipment. If personal shipments are being shipped regularly to individuals, a permanent permit may be required. Please also note that retail shipments up to 200 USD are allowed if the receiver is the person that made the order and 100 USD if the receiver is a third party (e.g. if send to somebody as a gift).

AUSTRALIA: Quarantine permit required by importer. (only for foodstuff and olive oil). Alcohol is not restricted. Duties and taxes are mandatory charged on all shipments (approx. 40% of the value + freight cost).

JAPAN: For wine shipments : If shipment's weight is less than 10kgr sender must include certificate of origin issued by the concerned authority, stating ingredients, manufacturing process, details of wine producer etc.
Honey: Must travel as airfreight to the province of destination as it is not allowed with normal TNT network. For these shipments, kindly contact us. Olives: Must travel as airfreight to the province of destination as it is not allowed with normal TNT network. For these shipments, kindly contact us.

Generally, in all the above cases it is best to use first class priority parcel post and send the goods as personal items/gifts in order to avoid excessive customs duties.

Also, please note, that since different countries have different rules and regulations it is best if you check your country's rules before ordering any item especially alcohol and other liquids in order to avoid problems with customs clearance.

For more details please visit our Terms and Policies section by clicking here.

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